As Prospect Hill School, we the students, principal, teachers, staff, and parents care about each other.

We pledge the following: 


To create and foster a school community where everyone takes pride in learning, and can achieve to the best of their ability; To treat every person in our school with fairness, kindness, and respect; To help maintain a clean and attractive learning environment; To help all feel important and a sense of belonging; To resolve our problems with words and to not use physical force; To strive to learn to the best of our ability.


We understand that the following progressive actions will help us to achieve our pledge; Verbal warnings and restatement of the reason for the warning by the adult; Reprimand with student verbal or written restatement of the correction; Notification of parents; Time Out with student telling, writing, or drawing a plan of correction; Probation; Detention; Suspension from school activities; In-school suspension;Suspension out of school.


We acknowledge that we have read and reviewed the contents of the Student Handbook. We acknowledge our responsibility to follow these guidelines.