Policies & Procedures

Arrival & Dismissal


  • Students are not permitted in the building without adult supervision
  • Students should not arrive at school before 8:15am because there is no supervision
  • On days when the weather is pleasant, students meet in the area outside of the main entrance. 
  • On inclement days, students report to the auditorium
  • The field near the confidence course equipment may be used in the morning
  • Students may not sit on the steps, the ledges, or wait inside the building
  • Students may not leave the school grounds without permission
  • Students may not report to a classroom or remain in a classroom without adult supervision
  • If a student reports to a classroom and an adult is not present, the student should report to the auditorium or to the school office
  • Students are expected to arrive at school on time.  The morning line up bell (8:20 am) is the official start of the school day.  If you are late, report to the office.
  • Notes are needed after an absence or to leave school early.


  • Please observe all traffic and parking regulations posted around the school area. 
  • Please make sure that your child uses crosswalks and follows all of the rules of safety. 
  • Please do not ask children to come to your car. Please park your car and walk to school to meet your child. 
  • Please note that Grades 1-3 will dismiss out the semi-circular drive door while Grades 4 and 5 will dismiss from the front door. The Kindergarten classes will continue to dismiss from the blacktop entrance and their procedures remain the same. 
  • Please develop a family plan for dismissal. For example, pick up the youngest child first and then have a family meeting area for the other children, for example, the semi circular drive. Do not ask children to come to you at a remote location and do not send them back into the building to find other family members. 
  • If your child’s routine changes, if a different person comes to meet them or another family is picking them up for a play date, please send a note to the teacher.

Traffic Safety

Please review the following guidelines for traffic safety and review them with your children. 

Do not let your children get out of the car and immediately cross the street. Have them cross only at a crosswalk. This is a problem especially on Clay Avenue, where it is not uncommon for drivers to have to come to a sudden stop as children step out from behind a car.  Parents and children may not use the semi-circular drive entrance in the morning.  This area is reserved for buses and children have been observed without adult supervision walking around the buses to enter school.  This is extremely unsafe and all parents are asked to have this conversation with their children.

Do not double park. Do not park between the "No Parking" signs.

To help you better keep these rules in mind, we have asked the Pelham Manor Police Department to become more active in issuing tickets.  No one likes tickets. But we like far less the potential consequences of not acting as safely as possible.

Absence or Tardy Attendance

School begins each morning with the first bell at 8:18 am. Teachers meet classes at 8:20 am and escort their children to classrooms for the start of the instructional day at 8:25 am.

It is disruptive to instruction for children to arrive late to school. When children are not present at 8:25 am and attendance is taken electronically in the classroom, the child must then come to the office to receive a late pass. We are required to do this as a result of state mandates and our district attendance and lateness practice. This trip then takes an additional amount of time before the child starts his or her day and then causes an additional trip back to the room to settle into instruction. All parents are asked to be cooperative with ensuring that children arrive to school on time each day.

School Day Schedule

Regular Day Schedule

8:18 am: First bell - school doors open

8:25 am: Late bell

8:30 am - 12:00 noon: Morning instruction

12:00 noon - 1:00 pm: Lunch

1:00 pm: Children must be back in school

1:00 pm - 3:00 pm Afternoon instruction

3:05 pm: Dismissal

Six Day Cycle

All of the elementary schools now use a six-day schedule rotation similar to the middle and high school schedules. The first day of school is Day 1 and subsequent days follow in a six-day cycle. This provides the opportunity to offer more equitable special class experiences for students whose assigned days used to fall on school closings, i.e., students who had art on Monday missed many art periods. It also permits us to use shared staff more efficiently, and enables us to provide instructional enhancements to our programs. 

These programs include Encore classes in grades two through five: art appreciation class for all second grade students; a research, technology, and study skills class for third grade students; and chorus as part of the instructional program for grades four and five students. 

Additionally, each class has a reserved time in the library technology area once per cycle. Kindergarten and first grade students have a more developmentally appropriate Physical Education and Music schedule consisting of three times per cycle for thirty minutes of physical education and two times per cycle of music.