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All Pelham Public Schools staff email addresses consist of the staff member's first initial followed by their last name @pelhamschools.org. Ex. John Doe's email address would be "jdoe@pelhamschools.org"

Faculty/Staff Listing

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Diana Kate Alix Barone

Titles: Reading Literacy/Staff Developer

Marcia Bean

Titles: Elementary Orchestra

Heather Beiner

Titles: Kindergarten Teacher

Cathy Blank Deluccia

Titles: Administrative Assistant

Thomas Callahan

Titles: Director of Math and Science

Cristina Camacho

Titles: Kindergarten Teacher

Maria Carovillano

Titles: Secretary to the Superintendent

Jeannine Carr

Titles: Principal

Cheryl Champ

Titles: Superintendent of Schools

Rosemarie Cipollone

Titles: ENL Teacher

Karen Cirillo

Titles: 4ht grade teacher

John Condon

Titles: Director of Facilities

Joseph Crispino

Titles: Safety Coordinator

Justin Dabney

Titles: Greeter

Nicholas D'Ambroso

Titles: Physical Education Teacher

Antoinette Damiano

Titles: Administrative Assistant

Pauline Davies

Titles: District Clerk, Secretary to the Superintendent

Alicia DelMastro

Titles: Elementary Technology Teacher

Catherine Dembowski

Titles: Interventionist

Sarah Desoye

Titles: Psychologist

Lori Dibernardo

Titles: K teacher

Dana Diersen

Titles: Gr. 1 Teacher

Dana Diersen Buehrer

Titles: 1st Grade Teacher

Andrew Dolgon

Titles: Elementary Band Teacher

Charisse Donnadio

Titles: Registrar

Janet Egan

Titles: Administrative Assistant

Diane Foglia

Titles: 3rd grade teacher

Tricia Galloway

Titles: 5th Grade teacher

Steven Garcia

Titles: Executive Director for Human Resources and Leadership

Bridget Gates

Titles: COVID Coordinator